I started writing a blog back in 2013 while I was at college. I named it “The Tech Guy.” I was actually quite surprised on how many views the blog got. I posted regularly and starred tips and knowledge that I was learning. A few years ago, I renamed the blog to just my name. It was a blog where I shared my journey on what I was doing and how I was learning.

I am currently the Communications Director at a large growing multi-site church in Des Moines, Iowa. I love what I do and had a passion to help other churches that might not have the same resources as mine to hire a full-time communications team member. I began designing graphics for a few churches here and there and when I realized that this was an actual need,  I decided to start CreativeChurch Studio and go more public with designing graphics.

Creative Church Studio has the purpose of helping churches that might be new, or smaller without as many resources, design and have beautiful professional graphics designed specifically for them. We are committed to making your church look great.

Take a look around the website, but please be patient as we continue adding posts, free resources, and more content!

Let’s talk more about how Creative Church Studio can help your church with sermon series graphics, social media management and more.