A very common question and big mistake that many churches make are with how many ministries within their church have actual Facebook pages. In this post, we will outline some general guidelines on ministry specifics on social media.

What are Facebook pages used for? Facebook pages are for organizations, businesses, institutions, brands, products, music groups, public figures, or causes.

What are Facebook groups used for? Groups create an online community of people that share common interest.

Should my church have a Facebook page or group? Your church should have a public Facebook PAGE. Facebook pages can be searched by anyone. They aren’t private and you don’t need to be accepted or invited to “like” them.

Creating a page adds some advantages too such as adding your address for check-ins, reviews, etc.

How many Facebook pages should our church have? This is a great and common question. My general rule is ministries that are a primary focus of the church and have their own services. Also could be any businesses that are operated by your church such as a daycare center. Here is an example list of pages your church may have:

– ChurchName
– Church Name – Kids
– Church Name – Students
– Church Name – Child Development Center
– Church Name – Worship (I would only include worship if they are selling their own music)

What about the other ministries in our church? Most churches have multiple ministries that want to utilize social media. If they are not a part of your core couple Facebook pages, we recommend they create PRIVATE Facebook groups.

These are groups that you must be accepted to join.

Some examples of groups that you may have:

– Individual Small Group Groups
– Prayer Request Group
– Men’s Ministry Group
– Kids Volunteers Group
– Worship Team Group

We allow ministry leaders to create and invite people to their own PRIVATE group. We don’t promote or manage any of these private Facebook groups.

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