Many churches are still wasting money on printing an actual church bulletin. In this blog post, I am going to give you a few reasons on why your church should stop printing bulletins.


1. Money

The amount of money being spent on bulletins is in the hundreds or even thousands for larger churches each year! 


2. Wasteful

The church bulletin is the number one item thrown away in churches. Think about it even for yourself. You usually get one on your way into church or into the auditorium, and you might glance at the events section while your waiting, or if you have a little one, give it to them to crumble up, and draw on. At the end of the service, you either give it back or throw it away on the way out. Even if you make it out of the church without throwing it away, it probably sits in your car for the longest time.


3. Effectiveness

There are more effective ways to communicate to your audience. Think about it.

At one time, the church needed a solution to communicate different events, groups, etc. They came up with the idea of a printed bulletin.

Now if we were to scratch that today, and think of a new way of communicating to our audiences – how would we do it? Imagine how much the way we communicate has changed in the last 5, 10, 20 years?

Here are a few ways to replace your bulletin:

  • Website
    Your website should be the one place that you direct everyone to. During announcements, on videos, social media, etc. you should have a “call-to-action.” This needs to be your church website.
  • App
    Don’t think of a church app as a way to engage with your audience. Think of a church app as an easier way to access information that should be on your website. I personally have worked with Subsplash and recommend them 100% for your church app needs. 
  • Social Media
    7 out of 10 people are active on Facebook. Imagine how many people you could engage with or advertise to! Imagine the amount of money you could begin spending on social media advertising rather printing a bulletin, or print advertising. I recommend creating a Facebook “Community Group” linked to your Facebook Page for information you would want your congregation to know.
  • Email
    Most people have their email accounts on their smart devices. And most people are ALWAYS on their smart devices. This is just another way to continue to communicate with them. I recommend a weekly email. I use MailChimp and absolutely love how simple and easy it is to use.


Most common excuse given: The older generation in our church still uses them, and they aren’t on social media. We’re not going to change things for one generation of the church.

The same people who would give that excuse will also say “We’re not changing the lighting in the auditoirum because it’s distracting to the older generation.”

Just a thought to think about. Don’t be afraid of change.