I found myself wasting so much time by revisiting a file to create different versions of each graphic I was making. So instead of continuing to do that, I set down and created a list of each type of variation of a sermon series graphic I would need so that I could begin making them all at once.

Take the time to design all of your files at once

so you’re not wasting time doing one at a time as needed. 

Here is what is usually included in my original packages as I create sermon series graphics. This may look different for you based on your needs.

1. Title Slide (1920×1080)

2. Social Media Graphics (1080×1080)

3. Promo Graphics

Before social media platforms changed their layouts, you would need to have created special sizes for each platform. Now Facebook uses 1920×1080 (same as the title slide) for cover photos. This makes it easier to use one graphic for mutiple uses, such as on social media and on the screens in church.

4. Keypoint & Scripture Slides

This is just a start to your packages. Be sure to outline everything that you use graphics for, then create a list of each size you need to create. By creating all of these graphics in advance, you will get to spend more time creating content rathering designing each file as you need them.


Now we didn’t want to end this blog post and not give you the opporuntity to download this package. Use the button below to navigate to a free download of this package.