Giving First Time Guests a gift when they visit your church makes them feel valued. First Time Guests are making a big decision by visiting your church. You want to show that you appreciate their decision!

I’ve seen multiple gifts given to guests but their is only one that I have seen be the most effective. Lots of churches give away mugs with their logo on it, CDs with pre-recorded soundtracks or worship music, pens, or coupons for coffee, which all of these are great gifts.

The most effective gift I’ve seen given away are church t-shirts.

Why? Think about it. Giving a guest a coupon for a free cup of coffee at their café is a one-time use that can only be used at your church. A mug with your logo on it will constantly remind them of your church however, it is only used in their house.

A well designed branded t-shirt is something that people will use more than one time. The best part is, the amount of advertising it gives your church.

I was recently in Walmart when I noticed someone wearing a t-shirt to a church that I had recently visited. I started a conversation with them, and found out, that they don’t even attend the church, but they still wear the shirt.


I thought to myself, wow, someone doesn’t mind wearing a t-shirt to a church that they don’t even attend anymore.


Why? It was a great design. The shirt was great material.

Whether you agree or disagree that t-shirts are worth the investment, give it a shot. Try it. You will be impressed with how well your guests receive the gift.

Giving a gift to a guest is not the only thing you should do once a First Time Guest visits your church. Be sure you implement a First Time Guest follow up process and create a strategy for having them come back and stay!


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